ASP.NET 2.0 PayPal Commerce Starter Kit

Gabriele Castellani
Gabriele Castellani

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One of the really cool starter kits that shipped on the web this week is the Commerce Starter Kit built by PayPal.  You can download and learn about it here:

It ships as a .vsi download -- which means that if you have Visual Web Developer or VS 2005 installed you can just do "New Web Site", pick the Commerce Starter Kit, and immediately get a working commerce site w/ PayPal payment integration.

The starter kit is a full-blown ASP.NET 2.0 app, and shows off using the new ASP.NET Master Pages, Login/Membership, Role Management, Profile, ObjectDataSource, and data access features.  The end result is a very clean app that is really easy to customize and use.  Best of all it is free.